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Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery through Dance Movement Therapy

Virtual D/MT Group
May 18th & June 23rd 
2-3 pm EST
$15-20 per session
Complete the Contact Form below to register
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Venmo: @alexis-reale
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Welcome to a safe and nurturing space where movement becomes a language for the soul. Dance/movement therapy (DMT) invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, connecting your mind and body in ways you never thought possible.

Here's what you can expect:

  • A supportive and inclusive environment: We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to join us on this exploration. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or have never stepped onto a dance floor before, our group offers a judgment-free zone where you can express yourself authentically.

  • Mind-body connection: Through guided movement exercises and playful improvisation, we'll bridge the gap between your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to experience your inner world through physical expression.

  • A catalyst for personal growth: As you move your body, you'll tap into deep-seated emotions, uncover hidden strengths, and gain valuable insights into your personal journey. This newfound awareness paves the way for positive change and growth in all aspects of your life.

  • Enhanced mental well-being: DMT has been shown to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and improve mood. By connecting with your body and exploring your emotions in a safe and controlled setting, you'll be on your way to a happier and healthier you.

More than just dance:

While movement is at the heart of our sessions, DMT goes beyond the steps. We incorporate elements of mindfulness, creative expression, and group discussion to create a holistic experience that nourishes both your body and spirit.

Join us and:

  • Unleash your creativity: Move freely, explore different rhythms, and discover the unique dance that resides within you.

  • Connect with yourself and others: Build meaningful connections with your fellow group members as you share your experiences and support each other's growth.

  • Embrace your authenticity: Let go of self-judgment and find acceptance in the fluidity of movement.

  • Cultivate inner peace and well-being: Discover the transformative power of connecting your mind and body, leaving you feeling empowered and renewed.

Ready to take the first step?

Contact us today to learn more about our individual and group services, and how you can start your journey towards greater self-awareness, connection, and well-being.

•Individual sessions available in person or online. Contact for more information. 

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