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Chair dance/movement therapy classes are typically offered once a week, for

30-60 minutes. Props are integrated based on the cognitive/physical level of

participants and age appropriate music is utilized. Classes are beneficial for

those who are more cognitively advanced as well as those with dementia.

Dance for older adults is essential for maintaining a connection to one's

physical body and emotions, and for encouraging healthy socialization.

Classes incorporate light stretching, improvisational dance, shared leadership

opportunities, and partner and small group activities. Regardless of one's age,

movement is an integral part of life. Dance/movement therapy is a low impact

form of exercise that offer more than physical benefits, including:

• Increased cognition and motor skills

• Improved mood

• Enhanced mind-body connection

• Greater relaxation

• Promotes emotional closeness with others

Chair Dance Therapy for Older Adults

Classes are offered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. 

$75 per session 

Contact Alexis for an informational brochure, sample class video and more information. 

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